Research Platforms

We are employing innovative technologies including iPSC-derived epithelium and immune cell models; molecular signaling pathway reporters and cutting edge bioengineering partnership on micro-fluidic based organ-on-a-chip technology. These provide unique insights and high throughput screening capability for screens of our unique microbiome collection (hundreds of novel species). We have access to the outstanding state-of-the-art platform resources of Monash University, in genomics, metabolomics, imaging and purpose –built microbiome culture facility.

Understanding the structure of an effective mucosal barrier and dissecting the molecular cross talk between host tissues and the human microbiome is a major challenge for modern immunology. In this synergy program, we will create the experimental systems and theoretical framework required to understand mucosal immunobiology and develop targeted therapies that sustain mucosal health during normal function and remodel and repair during disease.

The scientific team we have assembled will work across four integrated THEMES to apply a systems approach to understanding both host and microbiome responses at the mucosal surface (Fig. 2). This will require significant expertise across multiple disciplines to integrate, validate and interpret large datasets.

This will be implemented by cross-theme capabilities, namely:

1. Unique Microbiome Culture Collection

2. Human iPSC

3. Bioengineering Partnership

4. Systems and Computational Biology

Fig 2. Themes and Cross-cutting Capabilities